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27 Nov

in Toronto said

Communications are a bit bumpy, and the window is annoyingly wide, meaning the day is taken up disproportionally by a three hour clean, BUT, the cleaner was absolutely brilliant. Thorough, friendly, I was so pleased with the results.

10 Oct

in Toronto said

on time and very communicative

7 Oct

in Toronto said

She was very pleasant and overall happy. But a few spots were missed which I didn’t notice before she left (under the seat at the front of the house, bathroom floors didn’t clean all the corners or under the sink, the kitchen sink wasn’t all cleaned)

4 Oct

in Toronto said

Highly professional and delivered thorough cleaning. Was mindful of what needed to be cleaned, raised clarifying questions prior to cleaning and provided follow-up phone call. Would definitely recommend.

26 Sep

in Toronto said

The cleaning lady cleaned for 4 hours instead of the booked in 6 hours. She also didn't bring cleaning supplies when I specified I had no cleaning supplies at the property and that the property was vacant.

25 Sep

in Mississauga said

Just a bit more cleaning could of been done. What she did was very good. The apartment occupant said it is clean and so improved. The place was really in need of cleaning. We appreciate the hard work.

22 Sep

in Richmond Hill said

Good attitude..I tipped her personally

17 Sep

in Toronto said

Okay I moved in to the condo yesterday that I got cleaning service for and moving is stressful already and a lot of work so I was gonna forget about it if I was charged for 3 hours of labour which was how long the cleaner was there for! I booked one cleaner for 6 hours or 2 cleaner for 3 hours, only 1 cleaner came for 3 hours, how does that make sense?? Since I'm already writing a review, I have to say the cleaning job was terrible! When she almost finished and walked us through we noticed all the places we wanted cleaned we're still noticeably dirty, but we were moving in and were tired so didn't want to argue. Then she forced me to give her 5 star rating on Facebook so she could "get her ride back paid for". We were supposed to settle down and unpack but we spent the rest of the day cleaning the entire condo again because every place we want to use was dirty still. For a 590 square foot 1 bedroom condo 3 hours is already enough to make the place presentable, and I specifically booked 6 hours so to get the condo cleaned and livable. What did I pay for??? Window blinds which I picked as an option, not cleaned. Bathroom very dirty. Closets thick with dust on the racks, I mean even if she just took and duster and lightly brushed it would have made a difference. Oven storage thick with grease still. Toilet bowl not cleaned we even bought a new toilet brush for her to use and it wasn't used. We spent our valuable Saturday cleaning up the cleaner's mess instead of unpacking our things. This is the biggest rip off... Just what the hell?

4 Sep

in Toronto said

great job!

28 Aug

in Markham said

Iam happy with the dervice provided

19 Aug

in Toronto said

Our home doesn't feel like it has just been professionally cleaned. The Floors are still dirty in the dining room, there is a film on the counter tops in the kitchen and my wife is currently cleaning the stove top... Some rooms seemed like more care was provided then others. There is a freshness missing from the rooms - We first thought everything was good but after further review we are not very pleased given what we were charged for the service. There is no time to rectify the situation. We will now deal with the re-cleaning of our house. Not a good experience I must say.

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