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We are a professional cleaning company focused on client loyalty, delivering the highest quality and detailed cleaning. We use only eco-friendly supplies. We are insured, our main business is based in Chicago, Illinois.


22 Nov

in Hoboken said

Cleaners were very friendly. Did a fast and efficient job. Did not have their own vacuum. Dust still on shelves and lamps

26 Oct

in Hoboken said

I was very happy with the cleaner I got. She got so much done in such a short amount of time. Only issues were 1) She doesn't speak English, and I don't speak Spanish, and 2) she didn't come with her own cleaning supplies, and I didn't think to check for that option before booking my appointment. Otherwise, she was great.

23 Oct

in Kings County said

The overall cleaning was good, but some parts of my rooms were not cleaned very well. In addition, two cleaners showed up (for a small job) when I'd originally planned for one. The second cleaner left during the cleaning service without anyone telling me until much later. It was a bit strange. The main cleaner was pleasant.

21 Oct

in New York said

The cleaner called at 11 (she was supposed to come between 9 and 11) to say she could only come in the afternoon. This did not work for me, so we rescheduled for today (the following day) at 8 am. It is 9.15 and she still has not arrived. I am beyond annoyed, since I adjusted my schedule to fit with the cleaner coming. I need to be able to rely on your service. I want to have a refund and will not require your services again.

17 Oct

in New York said

very thorough!

15 Oct

in Newark said

Service was horrible.I sent the pictures of the bathroom. I had asked deep cleaning of the oven . Only the top portion was done. Mildew on the tiles was not removed. I need to talk to you to give you the details. Half of the living room was done because the boxes were there. They swept and ran the mop through within 5 minutes . I repeatedly asked if they are bringing the cleaning supplies. All that they brought was a piece of rag each and orange oxygen spray and a bathroom toilet cleaner. The service is not even worth $ 40 .

8 Oct

in Yonkers said

I gave the tip directly to the cleaner. She did a fabulous job! I’m not impressed with the company, however. They called to say the 3 hours was up, a full 30 minutes prior to the time. I know this because, I was on the phone with the company, when the cleaners pulled up (they had trouble finding the place). I looked at the time stamp on the phone call and set an alarm for 3 hours. So, like I said, the cleaners are wonderful. I’m not impressed with the company’s policies.

25 Sep

in Kings County said

The cleaner was not prepared by the company. The notes that I wrote on the website were not translated or delivered to her. She had to wait outside for 2 hours because she arrived early and they never told her it to call me when she was on her way in order to arrange for her to be let in (this was written in the notes). She thought it was a 2 hours clean when it was a 3.5 hour clean. The main things that I wrote in the notes were to focus on a deep clean of the floors and make sure to clean the trash can. She did a very surface level clean of both of these things. She spent a long time redoing the floors and still did not do a deep clean on them. I asked her to make sure she did the floors thoroughly and cleaned under and behind the furniture and even after that she only did this for one side of the room. Her manager called me and translated to this to her. Overall, this was a surface level clean and far from a deep clean. I gave it a "Okay" rating because it was not worth the money and I'm mad I spent so much on something I could have done myself. This was a surface level clean that would take 2 hours but I ended up paying double for that. The cleaner and manager on the phone were very nice, but I am still very disappointed with the value for money and it is clear to me that direction was not given accurately.

16 Sep

in Floral Park said

Unfortunately, the cleaning service miscalculated the requirements for my house. The service thought they were coming to an apartment and not a house. The cleaner was only here for 4 hours and not 5. There should be a choice for 1/2 baths on your website as well. There also should be an area on your site to specify the details and requirements for a booked job. This way there are no surprises for the cleaner. Unfortunately, the cleaner was by herself and we really needed a deep clean. The cleaning was ok but not good for a deep clean service. The vacuuming was substandard.

13 Sep

in New York said

Very efficient.

11 Sep

in Hoboken said

The cleaning was good, but staff did not bring supplies. Additionally something was broken off our bathroom wall.

7 Sep

in Kings County said

She did a great job, friendly and accommodating.

3 Sep

in Jersey City said

Marianna and Anna were great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone

30 Aug

in New York said

Efficient and polite

26 Aug

in Kings County said

Probably wouldn't do again. Mediocre job cleaning -left vacuums in middle of living room, left cleaning gloves on table, shower is covered in white filmy cleaning residue

11 Aug

in Bronx County said

Cleaning was great! Even hard to get to places were cleaned. Would recommend!

8 Aug

in Bronx County said

The cleaner did an ok job on the apt, though I realized the inside door of the fridge wasn't cleaned and I paid extra to have the fridge cleaned. What I did find really troubling was that I was charged for 3.5 hours (extra .5 for the fridge) and the cleaner was only in my apt for a little over 2 hrs. I'm not sure if she would've or could've done more with the extra time, but why is the service charging for it, if less time is required???

31 Jul

in New York said

Hired for a move out clean and did exactly what was asked. Whole apartment was completely swept and the bathroom and kitchen (which became very grimy) looked spotless.

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