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Kolo Calgary Clean is a top-rated house cleaning service that is on a mission to keep Calgary homes spick and span. Book us today and we'll send you our polite and experienced crew.


7 Oct

in Calgary said

Did a very good job and was quick and efficient

27 Sep

in Calgary said

Originally I was going to have my teenage daughter and her friends clean up the place but thought after 13 years of living in my place it deserved a professional touch. In an effort to reduce my stress I hired this company... I should have gone with my teenage daughter and her friends because they would have done a better job. After arriving at the property I was so disappointed in the job. There was still garbage on the floor, cabinets had not been cleaned out as agreed upon and the floors were in horrible shape so much so I question if they had even been washed. The mirrors in the bathroom had not been cleaned and the inside glass which was agreed upon and specifically noted in the booking had not even been touched. While the bathroom upstairs was in great condition the downstairs bathroom was horrid; I saw evidence of the toilet and sink being cleaned but the floor was not even swept. Dusting was not even attempted from what I can tell! This was all after the cleaner had the audacity to request additional hours for the cleaning totaling 9.5 hours of cleaning and dictating that the 3 bedroom townhouse needed to be counted as a 5 bedroom...even though as part of the package 5 bedrooms were supposed to be included...we had completely moved out of the place and there was nothing to work around...we had even elected to wash the walls ourselves but upon returning to the property our designated cleaning products had been used and disposed of. This was such a disappointment...our home deserved better then this and it is heartbreaking that it has to be left in this state after paying so much money for a professional job. I was so distraught I cried and couldn't sleep last night; I am so disappointed and ashamed to pass along the property in its current state. I will NEVER be using this company again.

12 Sep

in Calgary said

They were a no show!

8 Sep

in Calgary said

they where scheduled for the morning but came in afternoon, I was called at 1:15 and told they needed additional time but my kids came home at 3:45 and no one was here. The toilets only the bowls cleaned, 1 bathroom skipped completely, but that may be a communication, they used all our cleaning products and paper towels.

31 Aug

in Calgary said

Very good job thank you

30 Aug

in Calgary said

This is my third time using Cleanify - the first 2 times were great (different cleaner) but this time was very disappointing. They were supposed to show up between 1-3pm for a 5.5 hr deep clean. Apparently they got the time wrong and had showed up earlier in the day, however I couldn't tell as I thought it hadn't been cleaned yet. I was home by 1pm so if they did indeed spend 5.5 hrs cleaning they would've had to show up by 7:30am at the latest... (not likely). Many parts were missed (several dusty surfaces, dirty shower, hair on countertop). Unfortunately not a good experience.

22 Aug

in Calgary said


22 Aug

in Calgary said

Showed up on time. Did a great job and went above and beyond. Place looks great! Extremely satisfied and highly recommended.

21 Aug

in Calgary said

It was all very good, but the hard wood floor cleaning could have been better.

6 Aug

in Calgary said

nice ladies? great job

11 Jul

in Calgary said


19 Apr

in Calgary said


23 Feb

in Calgary said

Paying for 4 hours of cleaning but cleaner is not staying for 4 hours, so I don't feel the need to add a tip

24 Dec

in Calgary said

Thank you for your service. Brian and Susan Smith. Merry Christmas.

21 Dec

in Calgary said

Great job as always

1 Sep

in Calgary said

my cleaner did an outstanding job again

19 Aug

in Calgary said

What a wonderful cleaning job my home received today. I have had other cleaners and they never finished the whole house but Caroline and company did a great job and will look forward to them coming next minth

30 Jul

in Canmore said

The two ladies (Caroline) were very pleasant and thorough. My landlords were very impressed. I was very impressed. Thank you Caroline.

27 Jul

in Calgary said

I had a list made for these cleaners to follow. At the top of the list was the kitchen while at the bottom of the list was other things less important. The kitchen was not touched, floors not touched but beds were made and bathrooms cleaned-that's it. I'm done with hiring cleaners through Cleanify.

27 May

in Calgary said

I can't comment on the job if they never showed up and never called to let me know. I do not recommend their service.

22 Apr

in Calgary said

Good for the first time. Will she be back on the 27th?

19 Feb

in Calgary said

House was spotless and she did even more than I asked for. My only complaint was she didn't clean the main floor first as I had requested. (My son was sleeping from a night shift and she woke him up.) However I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because my other son answered the door so she may have thought the "son" was now awake.

23 Jan

in Calgary said

I would specifically recommend Kolo Calgary Clean as opposed to Cleanify in general.

9 Jan

in Calgary said

However, my lady is very very good. But the corners and baseboards of the floors need better detailing. But my lady is wonderful wouldn't trade her for the world.

24 Sep


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