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We are Edmonton’s favorite maid service. Send us a booking request and we’ll come make your home sparkle! Whether you’re a busy mom that needs a hand with house cleaning or a tenant moving out of an apartment, we’ve got your covered!


22 May

in Edmonton said

Great cleaning for move-in service

20 May

in Edmonton said

Fabulous girls, very industrious, very speedy. Only comment to improve.. is they did miss the top of the doorways.

17 May

in Edmonton said

Doreen arrived with her staff on time and was incredibly friendly. They were all very thorough and pleasant through their time here while I tried to keep out of their way (I work from home)! I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again!!

15 May

in Justice said

Very kind and they did a great job!

13 May

in Edmonton said


7 May

in Edmonton said

The floors were not mopped properly as requested. The kitchen floor was not cleaned at all. There were still bugs on the floor when I returned.

2 May

in Edmonton said

Went back to check on the house and it was still a mess, the floors wernt mopped, the cupboards were dirty both inside and out as well, not impressed cause now we have to pay more for cleaning, -5 this is a joke!

2 Dec

in Edmonton said

The landlord claims that tha kitchen was not cleaned and that the people left the doors wide open when they left. I was sick and could not come to check it out. Now he is charging me money. He claims that there was unberable urin smell from my little dog. It is a lie. Can you talk to your nice people and write me an email confirming that they cleaned everything, closed the doors as they promissed to me and there was no urin smell whatsover. Thank you, Nina Skrpec

29 Nov

in Edmonton said

This service has been great. I love the smell of the products they use. My 4 year old son looks forward to them coming because they always arrange the pillows and blankets on his bed so nicely - his namesake blanket being the main feature! It's a detail that makes us all smile.

24 Oct

in Edmonton said

The cleaning was not done properly . A glace plate on the cupboard beside the sink was upside down with water underneath it. Then the other side of the sink had white stuff all over the glass plate. Dirt marks all over the kitchen floor, looked like it had not been vacuumed. Glass plate in bedroom had not been cleaned.Towels unfolded . Mirror in bathroom with white spot as well as the wall beside it. Look like it had been sprayed. Please destroy my Master Card as I will not have the cleaners again. Thank you, Sandy Ramsley

18 Oct

in Edmonton said

Thanks! I was really impressed. The house smelled very nice and looked not only clean, but tidy. The beds were even made, which kind of made me embarrassed that we didn't make our beds in the morning ;-)

26 Sep

in Edmonton said

The kitchen floor was either not washed or it was a very quick job as there was still coffee stains and others. Apparently a picture frame was broken at the last visit and I had the opportunity to charge the company which I was not interested in doing but I would like The photo back that was captured in the frame if possible. Other than that everything was good. I will not leave a tip as I tip in cash .

13 Aug

in Edmonton said

Unfortunately, we did not have a very good experience this time. The cleaners did not show up and upon calling the person who cleaned our place last time (who was very good) we found out that the cleaners did not show up for work. Our previous cleaner was kind enough to find us new cleaners and was even willing to work overtime but we went with new cleaners who showed up 3 hours later. When we came home, we saw that our place was not cleaned like it was last time. We had asked for the kitchen counters and backsplashes to be cleaned, they were not. We asked for the floors to be cleaned, there was still gunk on the ground. We asked for our couch to be vacuumed, and it wasn't. We were happy with the bathroom but nothing else was to our satisfaction. Thank you to the first cleaner we had, though. You were very helpful.

3 Aug

in Edmonton said

Hello. The cleaners did a good job but were 30 min late from the time they said they'd be there (phoned ahead). During that time, my mother in law who was waiting for them cleaned the fridge--which was something the cleaners were going to do. C

30 Jul

in Edmonton said

excellent team - I was really impressed with how much work they accomplished in the time they were there, would definitely hire them again

22 Jul

in Edmonton said

Pam and Florence were absolutely wonderful! I have tried a few cleaning services in Edmonton and they are the best! So nice, friendly, flexible, and thorough!

10 Jun

in Edmonton said

It seemed like a very rushed job this time and there was an extra person who I believe was untrained. The sinks were not done to my standard and some of the dusting was missed. Also, their are cleaning supplies were left behind on my front step. I always leave a cash tip but maybe I will tip after I see the job next time and tip accordingly.

7 May

in Edmonton said

Did a great job! Addressed some concerns I had as well. I gave a cash tip directly to her

1 May

in Edmonton said

They did a great job in the amount of time they had. Unfortunately they were not told it was a move out clean when booked, but that is not their fault, it ia the fault of the booking agency. Would use that cleaning team again. But not the booking company.

25 Mar

in Edmonton said

I would not recommend Pleroma. They broke our blinds and didn't apologize or even notify us. Very unprofessional. Cleaning wasn't great, they missed many spots.

21 Mar

in Edmonton said

Thanks so much for cleaning our home! However, the hardwood floors were waxed or an unusual cleaning product was used; when we arrived home on Thursday all floors were tacky; by Friday the flooring was very slippery and my husband nearly slipped down our stairs twice; company on the weekend was slipping around our home and we had to give them slippers to wear to stabilize. The granite kitchen countertops were streaky and the baseboards are still dirty. I'm not sure how to resolve the slippery hardwood flooring...they still "squeak" when we walk around the house in our slippers. Please let us know. We have been trying a few different cleaning groups through your agency in a hope to find a reliable permanent contract.

4 Feb

in Edmonton said

pleasant and an excellant job.

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