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25 Jul

in Toronto said

Punctual and cleaned everything I requested as expected. Professional and pleasant guy to chat with.

24 Jul

in Toronto said

I requested same day & same time cleaning services for 2 different units. It was tight deadline. And there was only one cleaning staff show up!! This has put my stress through the roof! This wasn't what expected! This cleaning service was for about 4.5 hours in total and cost me $200!!! And if my husband & I didn't help out, there is no way to get both units ready on time!!

23 Jul

in Toronto said

Would have appreciated a bit more communication; arrived very close to the end of the window with no prior notification. Also, despite noting that two pets were at home, sensed a lot of apprehension in the presence of a puppy and cat.

19 Jul

in Toronto said

Waited 4.5 hours and never showed.

18 Jul

in Toronto said

Hard working cleaner was a pleasure to work with. Good attitude and he did a thorough job. We would definitely book him again.

17 Jul

in Markham said

It was a good clean, he did a great job with the windows, washrooms & kitchen. However the shelves were still dusty and the mirrors were streaky, I paid extra for the fridge to be cleaned this was not done and in 5.5 hours he didn't have time to mop. I left fresh sheets on the bed to be changed this was also not completed.... but all in all it was okay.. he was very friendly and easy to deal with..

16 Jul

in Toronto said

Cleaners showed up at 1:50PM when I had booked the 10AM-12PM slot, wasted my whole day!! The cleaning was sub par and not detailed at all. The bedroom floors were NOT vacuumed at all and not mopped properly. Definitely will not be using clranify again and would expect a discount on the rate as I was very unsatisfied!!

14 Jul

in Toronto said

Awesome service. Very effective. Good friendly crew.

11 Jul

in Toronto said

I'm not happy with this job. The cleaner did not bring a good enough vacuum and spent 3.5 hrs on the top floor only. I asked him to stay an extra hour to clean the rest of the house and he did a poor job. This is a 1200'sq ft house and should have been easy to clean in 3.5 hrs. Not pleased at all.

9 Jul

in Toronto said

My cleaning of condo wasn't done properly, I have pictures of cleaning and cleaned places which is similar. I am even tired to wrote any thing more...

8 Jul

in Toronto said

Remi did a great job with cleaning my place. She let me check everything out at the end and took the final trash out on her way.

7 Jul

in Toronto said

When I emptied my vacuum cleaner there was water in it. It looked like the cleaner used it to suck up the wet spot on the carpet in the basement. The floor felt very moist. Feels like he used too much cleaning solution. Very disappointed as this was the second bad experience we had.

5 Jul

in Toronto said

Remi did a great job! He was friendly, fast and delivered everything that was promised. Would definitely want to work with Remi again.

1 Jul

in Toronto said

Thorough, polite, respectful of the space! Very nice gentleman, and I am very impressed with the attentiin to detail.

1 Jul

in Toronto said

Great service. Everything done very well. Thank you

19 Jun

in Toronto said

Awesome job. Skilled and professional!

5 Jun

in Toronto said

Arrived on time and completed all required cleaning areas. Broke the glass of a photo frame but provided a replacement the next day.

4 Jun

in Toronto said

Good service

3 Jun

in Toronto said

Great cleaning job! Thank you very much!

26 May

in Brampton said

Did a good job with first cleaning but we underestimated how long it would take. They ended up missing a few things that we thought were cleaned (i.e. laundry room, a shower and tub).

15 May

in Toronto said

Remi was thorough and detailed and his cleaning with superb. We were very happy with his service.

8 May

in Toronto said

He was super thorough, really pleasant, prompt, and did a great job overall. Highly recommend

1 May

in Toronto said

Appointment was scheduled from 4-6pm. Remi says he's unable to get the keys at 6pm. Said he would come back the day after at 7am. I went to the condo and the front desk had the keys, they looked into the video and didn't see anyone there at 6pm. Remi never showed up at 7am this morning neither. Called and texted, no reply. Terrible experience and severe lack of customer service. Would not recommend.

30 Apr

in Toronto said

Awesome job!

16 Apr

in Toronto said

Remi's been great. Thorough cleaning and punctual.

12 Mar

in Toronto said

Very good cleaning. Remi was punctual and thorough.

14 Feb

in Toronto said

I wasn't very impressed with the standard cleaning service provided in my condo. They did a good job of the bathroom and other surface level cleaning, however there were a few big deficiencies, including (1) simply did not dust a whole corner of my small condo kitchen (when my girlfriend and I returned to the condo to check she wiped with her hand and immediately picked up a handful of dust, which we even pointed out to their surprise); (2) they left a huge pile of used/dirty paper towels/wipes on the floor in my front closet. This was quite sloppy, as I was paying to have the place cleaned, not to add garbage, and (3) they didn't vacuum the carpet of the empty closet in the bedroom, from which I saw visible chunks of dust when I returned, and then vacuumed myself. Before they started, I pointed out that I wanted the closet dusted and vacuumed, so not sure how this was missed (the floor was completely empty as I removed all clutter beforehand). All of the above points are very basic expectations even under a standard clean.

23 Oct

in Toronto said

I had booked 2 cleaners however only one came and it then took double the time expected. He did a good job cleaning however, it wasn't what I had booked and am dissapointed.

24 Sep

in Toronto said

Worst cleaning service ever. Do not book! Appointment for 9 am, receive a text message at 7:40 am - saying the cleaner will be there an hour earlier. The cleaner flushed kitchen towels down the toilet which caused a flood and destroyed my washroom. Plumbers had to fix it for a $500 cost. Remi wouldn't even give me a refund nor would he pay for the additional costs. Cleaner also didn't really do her job - she didn't put things back in place, didn't wipe down mirrors, left a black garbage bag in my bedroom, etc Save yourself the money and trouble - don't hire from this company!

20 Sep

in Toronto said

Very disappointed booked for deep cleaning including oven and fridge and including cleaning supplies Cleaner was not told about agreement arrived with no supplies

21 Aug

in North York said

I ordered move-in cleaning service for a deep cleaning of an empty apartment. I'd expect them to bring more than the most basic cleaning supplies to cope with the hard-to-clean areas in the kitchen left by the previous owner of the apartment. They did a good job as what a regular maid can do, but not to the expectation of a deep cleaning.

29 Jul

in Toronto said

Remi is a very efficient worker and entirely professional in his business....and friendly too!

29 Jun

in Scarborough said

The cleaning was acceptable, but the bed linens were not properly changed. They simply put the clean linens on top of the dirty linens without removing the dirty linens first.

3 Jun

in Toronto said

Remi did a great job as usual. He's fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased.

29 Feb

in Etobicoke said

Very thorough and very professional. Gets the job done.

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