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As our name suggests, we will make sure your home is tidy when we are done with it. We have a well trained and experienced cleaning crew that will leave your home feeling fresh and tidy!


29 Sep

in Edmonton said

Incomplete cleaning plus very bad cleaning what was done. I can never say it even regular cleaning, it was supposed to be deep cleaning though. Cleaners took my mop bucket with them

30 Aug

in Edmonton said

I received a service on 8/27, at 201-4616 106A Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T6H5J5. The company was Tidy Clean. It was absolutely despicable. I received nonstop calls from the cleaners making excuses- they couldn't clean the carpet, they didn't understand how to take things out of the freezer, they didn't understand this or that. The cleaners did NOT read the instructions I left and had to be walked through how to get into the building, and reminded that we would not be there! I would receive not only calls from them but calls from their manager asking the same question twice. At about 9 PM the manager called asking for more money. He stated that the cleaners had been in my 600 sqft apartment for four and a half hours but had not finished cleaning. He literally asked me for more money, and to BEG me not to leave a bad review on your website. He even went so far as to ask me to call the website and explain his situation! I promised no such thing and told him to handle it himself. I paid for a service- and if they weren't done after 4 hours in a tiny apartment, I would leave them the review they deserve. So on Sunday, I came in and checked the work they did. 3/5 cleaning, and that is being generous. The apartment was mostly clean, but they again ignored instructions on how to clean the freezer. Not only that, but they used our equipment without permission (the vaccum) and then THREW AWAY two pieces of the vaccum, which we will now have to replace. I suppose it is hard to listen to instructions when you do not speak English, as no one seemed to! I had to repeat myself so many times, only to have my instructions be ignored! This was an incredible failure, but it serves us right for trying to get a reasonably-priced cleaning service. We will now have to spend the money we saved trying to find replacement for the parts they tossed....as well as paying for the extra cleaning the apartment landlords will have to do!

11 Aug

in Edmonton said

The last 2 times they have not washed our bathroom floors or cleaned our tub in the main bathroom or en suite.. We won't be using them anymore :( Thanks

23 Jul

in Edmonton said

A bit confusing as we booked with a different company through Cleanify but Tidy Clean showed up. The cleaning was good but the confusion as to which company was scheduled to do our cleaning was a definite issue.

23 Jul

in Edmonton said

The company only sent one cleane but charged me for two. She did an ok job

2 Jul

in Edmonton said

Excellent job

30 Jun

in Edmonton said

Cleaners did not show up during their scheduled time slot, and were not picking up phone calls. An hour after the time slot ended, I decided that they were not coming and left. 2 hours later, they called me to ask where I was, as there was no one to let them into the house. I was unable to return to let them in, so I was forced to cancel the appointment. I understand that things can come up and circumstances change, but the fact that I didn't hear from them until 3 hours after they were scheduled, even after calling them several times, was very unprofessional. To make matters worse, it was a move-out clean, so I will be forced to pay the landlord to have the house cleaned out of my damage deposit, at a marked-up rate.

29 May

in Edmonton said

I've always had negative experiences with cleaning companies, I own several rentle properties, I will absolutely 100% use this company again! Thank you for doing an amazing job

23 May

in Edmonton said

Hi. I was not very pleased with the service. Not only did they not put things back into the proper place once moved to clean, they did a horrible job cleaning my bathtubs, stove and fridge. I had to go over and redo most of the cleaning. I had a list of a few things to do and they only did one or two items. Stuff was left everywhere. Nothing dusted etc. Doesn't seem like they spent 3 hours on the house. Only things I saw they did was mop the floor, vacuum, clean microwave and oven. That's it. Bathtub were still dirty etc. I don't normally complain but I was Counting on coming home to a clean home. They also left their jacket on my dining room chair. Not a good experience at all.

9 Jan

in Edmonton said

Thanks timeline was met. Bathroom mirror is streaky; hardwood floor is streaky...clean microfiber mop pad and hardwood floor cleaner is required. Please work at baseboards and blinds each week. General cleaning was completed.

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