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From Mongolia to British Columbia: green cleaning and vacuuming tips from Tungaa’s Cleaning March 18, 2016Laura @ Cleanify From Mongolia (pictured) to British Columbia! Photo courtesy Gibbon Group Moving over 5,000 miles from her native Mongolia to British Columbia sounds a lot harder than it was for Sumiya Tungaa, who has been running her own cleaning business, Tungaa’s Cleaning, near Vancouver for over ten years. During that decade, business has grown a lot for her, but she manages to juggle almost thirty customers with a two person cleaning crew. Most of Tungaa’s clients have been with her for a long time, much like all the other cleaning companies we’ve talked to recently. Ten years ago, Tungaa was working for another cleaning service and realized that she could do it on her own. “I know how to clean houses… I can do this better than she does!” said Tungaa when we talked to her recently when she was between clients. Sumiya Tungaa, hard at work One of her secrets is that she does a free drop-in visit before the job starts. “When I get a new customer, I want to see their house before I clean, so I visit each room and hear how they want it cleaned and decide what cleaning supplies I need to bring. When I start to clean, it feels more comfortable because I already know the people from that first visit.” She’s also a perfectionist who doesn’t like to make mistakes. “I don’t like to miss things. Customers paid me, so I want to finish the job well.” Tungaa is a fan of green cleaning products. “I don’t like to use too many chemicals. I like natural cleaners, not strong chemicals.” Her favorite spot to clean is in the kitchen, so she feels good about not bringing harmful cleaners into a place where people make food. She’s very serious about her job, saying that it’s not like cleaning your own house. “Like when you’re vacuuming carpet, it’s different when you vacuum your own house, you can go all over the place. When you’re vacuuming someone else’s house, you vacuum just one way so the carpet looks perfect.” Tungaa is still working on her command of the English language, but she’s careful not to let this lead to too much miscommunication. One of her clients wanted Tungaa to focus on getting her kitchen pantry cleaned but Tungaa thought that she meant to scrub the cupboards. “I spent a lot of time getting the wrong thing clean, but she was still so happy, she said ‘Wow! These are really clean!’” Tungaa said. If you’re in the Vancouver area and would like someone with a focus on green cleaning products to help you clean up your home, book Tungaa’s Cleaning for a cleaning service appointment


1 Dec

in Burnaby said

The crew was great! My place looked great!! My landloard couldn't stop thanking me on how I gave back the place so clean. All the appliances looked like they were brand new!

30 Nov

in Vancouver said

Great cleaning service.

11 Jun

in Delta said

Shouldn't bring a minor to work

30 Apr

in Vancouver said

Tungaas showed showed up on time, gave a general estimate of how long the cleaning would take, then proceeded with the cleaning and did a great job everywhere: the place looked new when she was all done. Great job, Tungaas!

19 Apr

in Vancouver said

My place was in pretty rough shape, I gave Tungaas a reasonable priority list. She did a fantastic job given the time she was allotted. I'm very pleased and would contact her again.

10 Mar

in Delta said

It wasn't me who met the cleaners, we were cleaning a home for a friend, the cleaners worked longer hours than planned. They did an incredible job, though, I was so pleased with their cleaning job! They were professional, and it was honestly just a discrepancy with that time, The good part is that we called Cleanify right away -- and they called the cleaner, got it all settled, completely painless. I'm very happy!

30 Sep

in Vancouver said

This company was the worst cleaning company I have ever delt with. I booked my appt 2 weeks in advance and gave 2 different phone numbers for them to contact me on. The day of the move the cleaners were booked to show up for 9am. I had to call the company at 10am asking where the cleaners were. The cleaning lady then called me herself and said is it ok if I'm a bit late I'll be there for 2pm. I had to be ouT of my apartment for 1pm. The cleaner just argued with me as well as the cleaning company. They didn't take any money off the cleaning charge. The cleaner showed up by 11:30am and was in a bad mood basically saying she wasn't going to clean the mess....she's a cleaner isn't that her job?? Overall I hated the service and people I had to talk to and deal with. I would NEVER recommended this company to anyone.

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