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Wise Maid is committed to providing the finest in quality cleaning and our standards are the highest in the industry. We are an experienced, family-owned eco-friendly cleaning company that understands the pressures and demands of todays working individual. Our cleaning services can be customized to meet your specific needs and your busy schedule. We offer flexible schedules so that we can give you the support you need when its most convenient for you. We are that company that goes the extra mile and beyond and our focus is on ensuring that all your cleaning requirements are met.


2 Oct

in Vancouver said

Good service.

25 Sep

in Burnaby said

Was very impressed with the cleaning performed by Fiona and Ma.

17 Sep

in North Vancouver said

Habby is very good, I have no trouble with her quality of work

21 Aug

in Vancouver said

Thanks, they were timely and efficient cleaning our big awkward townhouse!

1 Jul

in Vancouver said

Thank you

13 Jun

in Burnaby said


1 Jun

in Vancouver said

Great. No issues. Very friendly

4 May

in Burnaby said

Cleaners were rushing due to the next appointment. Some items in kitchen were missed (ex: the dirtiest cupboard), no vaccum cleaning performed, windows and room mirrors were not cleaned. I had to re-wipe and clean the counters and cabinets after they left. Bathroom cleaning was adequate and overall finishing was poor.

27 Apr

in Surrey said

The cleaner Ashiro was amazing, she did a really good job. Thanks to your team and the the cleaner. I will definitely recommended the services to to people in my network.

24 Apr

in Burnaby said

Cleaning was ok. Not great but not bad. However all glass surfaces have a haze that was left.

17 Apr

in Vancouver said

Really love the work and attention to detail. Perfect cleaner!

15 Apr

in Vancouver said

The woman who came were thorough and lovely.

9 Apr

in New Westminster said

Fiona did a absolute fantastic job!!!! I will be recommending her to friends and family!!! She truly was a delight! Normally I leave and come back when they have finished cleaning, though I didn't feel that I should leave..... She was so personable, I felt that I could putter around without feeling uncomfortable! She is a very upbeat, hard working person!!!! Thank you for sending her&" & I will be sure to use your company again!!!! Thanks again, Fiona is a true asset and a valuable employee!!!! I hope you value her! Thank you, Janelle Ferris (604)-315-2106

6 Apr

in Richmond said

Would do it again. Please message me back with the name of the lady that did it.

3 Apr

in Vancouver said

She was a very friendly and thorough cleaner.

30 Mar

in Vancouver said

Just fantastic! Thank you!!

28 Mar

in Vancouver said

Habby is the best!

14 Mar

in Coquitlam said

It was a good clean, but there were many spots that the cleaner missed. It was our tenants that were moving in that pointed them out (during the walk-through), spots on the wall in the laundry room, the floors were sticky and not clean. But there were a lot of really rough spots that she got really really clean. The problem was that I had to follow up the clean with cleaning it again myself

28 Feb

in Vancouver said

I half the time that was booked the place could have been A LOT cleaner. I had to stay and do additional cleaning for 4 hours after. thourghly unsatisfactory and not professional at all.

15 Jan

in North Vancouver said

amazing as always!

8 Dec

in Vancouver said

arrived on time...finished on job well done!

25 Nov

in Vancouver said

Habby is hands down the best!

22 Oct

in North Vancouver said

Hi..Habbie is awesome...each visit she does a phenomenal job...she is 5 star quality...please hold on to her...i want to add a $20.00 tip for her

16 Oct

in Vancouver said

Efficient, professional, and helpful!

5 Sep

in Vancouver said

I was very happy with the service the Zanjani company offered me. They worked for 4 hours, but we're not able to finish the job. The next day, they returned cleaning my very dirty apartment due to subletting, for another 3 hours, free of extra charge. I thought that to be wet generous and professional. I highly recommend this company.

22 Aug

in Vancouver said

As always...amazing!

9 Aug

in Vancouver said

Habby is amazing! We love her!

24 Jul

in North Vancouver said

I love my cleaning person...please keep her...she is excellent

20 Jun

in Vancouver said

Best cleaners in town :)

29 May

in North Vancouver said

Hi..Haddy did a great job..she was very thorough..she was friendly and professional..I want to have Haddy every month..I want to have the same person

20 May

in Richmond said

The husband did a great job cleaning the wife not so much. The side tables & coffee table you could see the dust where she just went around things and on one table there is a 6" strip of dust from one end to the other. sloppy job for the money I paid. The bannister was not touched at all same as the oval table in the living room, not dusted at all.

9 May

in Burnaby said

Great service, friendly and efficient. I've had used a few companies already and Wise Maid is by far the best I've hired! I will use them again

22 Apr

in Vancouver said

Wise Maid has exceeded our expectations. Raphael & his cleaning partner (sorry I am not sure what her name is), left our place sparkling and we were very impressed with their work. Please send them back every time! They were amazing!

28 Feb

in North Vancouver said

I was very pleased with Lettie from Wise Maids. This is the 3rd time I had someone come into my home; I usually do not like having strangers in my home. I was very comfortable having Lettie. With that said, I would like Lettie to be my regular person who comes once a month.

27 Feb

in North Vancouver said

i would not recommend or use this cleaning service. I booked a move out clean to ready the home for an open house (we were selling the home). I was very clear it had to be spotless. I was advised a crew of 3 people would be there. Only one person showed up (apparently due to illness of other employees) and she did not have all supplies needed. In fact I had to lend her my vacuum cleaner as she would have had to drive to Vancouver to pick up vacuum. While the employee that did show up did a passable job (considering she was alone) obviously after cleaning an entire house by herself she must have gotten tired and things were missed. Because it took so long for one person to clean, I was unable to do a walk through with her when she finished as I had to go to work. When I went to the house the next day many things were missed. The stovetop was greasy, the kitchen sink was not cleaned,the walls were not spot cleaned and had many marks, the upstairs shower had mildew and grunge and the bathroom floor had large stains left on the floor. I had moved the fridge out for her to clean behind, however she just left it out in the middle of the kitchen without moving it back. When the supervisor called me the next day to ask how the clean went and offered to send the cleaners back to finish the job I declined as i would not have been able to coordinate my work schedule to meet cleaners again. I ended up cleaning a further 2 hours myself to have the house open house ready. Again, I want to emphasize I think the cleaner that did show up did a pretty good job considering she was alone and spent entire day cleaning by herself, but that is not the service I was promised and paid for.

13 Feb

in New Westminster said

Hello Cleanify, unfortunately we were very disappointed with the cleaning service you provided. In addition I was disappointed to see an additional charge of $50 after the contract clearly stated that the cleaning service would stay until the job was done. This was a move out clean and the cleaning service that came was ill prepared for this type of cleaning including having to use the built in vacuum rather then a professional vacuum. The house was not in a state that it needed cleaning to take longer than what was planned for based on the information provided. Sorry will not be recommending their service and although I have used Cleaify in the past, I may no longer be in the future. Sonya

1 Feb

in Surrey said

Person who came to clean has a friendly personality. However, work done was not thorough. I am not satisfied. The different services in your website stated 2 hours for 2 cleaners or 4 hours for 1 worker. The place is an empty 1 bedroom and 1 washroom suite. It took your cleaner less than 2 hours. Garbage were not removed, she did not even have garbage bags with her. My wife and I had to come in over the weekend to clean up again. 1. the shower room still had hair stuck to the tiles of the wall 2. stain on the granite counter was not wiped clean 3. tooth pastes stain on the bathroom sink was not wiped clean 4. poster from previous occupant still pinned to the wall was not removed. 5. broken glass debris found on the floor, not swept clean 6. bathroom exhaust cover full of dust 7. outside refrigerator body not wiped clean 8. stove top stain not wiped clean 9. others

23 Jan

in Vancouver, BC V5N 5K3 said

I would not refer the person whom did a move out clean from Wise Maids. I do not believe she was properly trained. She did not thoroughly clean the floors. There were stains left on the floors, and grime was found in the corners of the floors. The entrance closet floors were left very dirty. I paid an extra hour to have the floor boards cleaned and there was dust left on many of them. There was tape on the floor and she did not bother to remove it. I asked her to complete on cleaning that, she wiped it a bit but left the tape there. She told me washed the bathroom floor twice and there were dirt stains left on the floor around the toilet. The stains were from clothes washing detergent so it was easy to remove it if it had been attempted. She did not stay the extra hour to clean that I paid for. I had to complete on all of the floor boards and doing the thorough cleaning and I missed the appointment for the closing inspection. I have to take time off of work on Monday morning to do the inspection. This was very disappointing. I would not recommend Wise Maids in the future.

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